Blue Hole

Blue Hole
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It is one of the most breathtaking attractions Jamaica has to offer. Come experience a little thrill and adventure, getting to see breathtaking views, and doing optional jumps on the way down, through a Jamaican jungle! The river is refreshing, and the views are once in a lifetime, it is a experience you won’t regret, or soon forget! <br><br>

You might wonder… what is the Cool Blue Hole? Well, the Ocho Rios Blue Hole consists of a series of natural pools made out of limestone. These are pretty much water-filled sinkholes, and they are located in a secluded area known for its stunning waterfalls. The ‘Cool Blue Hole’ gets its name from the brightness of the water – it’s a captivating blue that just makes you want to jump right in from the moment you arrive.<br><br>

At the Cool Blue Hole, you can swim, hike, cliff dive, and even enjoy swinging from a rope (like Tarzan!) into the inviting waters below. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we’ll touch on some of the things you can do at the Ocho Rios Blue Hole to make your experience there simply magical!

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