Blue and John Crow Mountains

Blue and John Crow Mountains
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Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park is a national park in Jamaica. The park covers 495.2 km² and accounts for 4.5% of Jamaica’s land surface. It gets its name from the Blue Mountains, the mountain range that runs through it, as well as a common bird found in the park, the “John crow” or turkey vulture.

The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park comprises three mountain ranges – the Port Royal Mountains to the west, the Blue Mountains, and John Crow Mountains in the east; divided by the Buff Bay and Rio Grande Valleys on the north side of the ranges.

The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park has since 2015 been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park stretches across four of the island’s eastern parishes: St. Andrew, Portland, St. Thomas and St. Mary.

It is home to many of the island’s endemic species of plants and animals. The region has been noted for having more than 800 species of endemic plants, including the largest butterfly in the western hemisphere, the giant swallowtail (Papilo homerus), 200 species of resident and migrant birds and is one of the largest migratory bird habitats in the Caribbean. Ecclesdown and Hardwar Gap in the Blue Mountains have been noted as prime locations from which to view much of the island’s flora and fauna, including the world-renowned Blue Mountain Coffee, which thrives in the cool, misty upper reaches of the mountains.

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