Reach Falls

Reach Falls
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Rekindle your connection with nature! Reach Falls, the eco-friendly paradise, is located just 45mins east of Port Antonio Portland, on Jamaica’s east coast.
The 4.6-hectare property boasts a tranquil atmosphere offering tremendous natural beauty and biodiversity. A natural heart-shaped jacuzzi is one of the main features of the property, which invigorates the body as the gushing waters make their way along a naturally occurring channel.
Just metres below awaits an alluring waterfall formed from cascading crystal-clear waters over a large rock face, which allows visitors to climb along its sides or benefit from a riveting massage. The Falls are shaded by trees jutting out from either side of the mountain and culminate into a pool of crisp freshwater.
Adventure awaits! Follow the staircase and immerse in the journey to the Falls: over 23 species of ferns, a variety of birds including the black and yellow-billed parrot, and if you’re lucky, catch a rare glimpse of a wild pig trotting across the mountain.
A visit to Reach Falls is also, an opportunity to connect with Jamaica’s history as you relive the experience of runaway slaves from nearby plantations who sought refuge in the mountains surrounding the property.

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