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Between its gently lapping waters, bathwater-warm temperatures and vibrant underwater life, Jamaica boasts some of the best snorkeling experiences in the Caribbean. There are over 450 sq. miles (1165 sq. km) of coral reefs fringing the island, most of which are in excellent condition. The best snorkeling spots in Jamaica are located on the northern and easter coasts, where you can access living reefs from the beach. Minimal waves and crystal clear waters make snorkeling Jamaica great for families and beginners as well as seasoned snorkelers. The coral reefs hugging the Jamaican coastline play home to hundreds of species of colorful fish. Most resorts in the country provide tours and lessons for snorkeling enthusiasts.

Are you ready for your snorkeling experience in Jamaica?

Let’s see now what are the best spots to go on an underwater adventure.

1. Doctor’s Cave Beach – Montego Bay

2.Cardiff Hall Beach – Runaway Bay

3.Bloody Bay – Negril

4.Half Moon Beach – Negril

5.Booby Cay Island

6.Oyster Bay – Port Antonio

7. Devil’s Reef – Ocho Rios



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